About Us


CDF was created in 2001 as indivdual company and in 2015 as S.A.R.L in Tunisia, gouverment of Kasserine. It was the first IT Company settle in Kasserine.

CDF CENTER was positioned in the emerging nearshore software business. It was built around 4 core values : 

  • Commitement to Success
  • Proxymity to customer needs
  • Challenge mindset
  • Innovation

CDF invested in a core team of 5 developpers sharing same vision and with high potential and loyality.

Why Businesses Prefer to Collaborate With Us ?

NearShore Service

19 years offering outsourcing services allowing our customer to consider our team as an extension of their own IT teams. Assets : Proximity, Agile, Talented People, Expertise.

Flexibility & Agility

We Flexible and adapt to your project and audience needs, and use the aglie methodology to build successful products. We are adaptative and responsive.

Transparency, Listen & Share

We are transparent and sincere, this means we do not always agree with you and we tell you why. We take care of listening to you and provide you with our expertise and knowledge whenever needed.

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